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Blue Ribbon Candidates
These "Blue-Ribbon" candidates are available NOW:
• McDonald's candidate with 25 years of fast food management experience, most of which has been at the Area Supervisor level. His strengths are producing tangible results such as increasing store sales from 1.7 to 2.3 million, and increasing profit after controllables by over $250,000 per restaurant. He is seeking an Area Supervisor position in the tri-state area of northern Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana.
• Current McDonald's multi-unit supervisor with 20 years experience,
most of which has been spent as a General Manager and Multi-Unit Supervisor. An award winner. Results-driven management style. Willing to consider an Area Supervisor position in northern Kentucky / Southern Indiana area.
• Current Wendy's General Manager with almost 20 years experience,
most of which has been spent as a GM. "Best of the Best" Award Winner and consistent sales achiever. Looking for GM or Area Supervisor position in southern New York, northern New Jersey or Eastern Pennsylvania area.
• Current General Manager with 15 years experience
at one of the "Big Three" national fast food restaurants. His almost 20-year career has been spent at just two fast food restaurant chains. This hard working and highly motivated team player desires to relocate in the State of Louisiana.
Please email us or call 518-810-7310.
Last updated 4/24/2014.

Who We Are

We are a national recruiting company specializing in recruiting managers and supervisors for fast food restaurants. Two partners, one a retired Federal Agent with over 30 years experience, and the other, a Certified Software Engineer with over 10 years experience, started this business in 2005 in response to local owner/operators in New York's Hudson Valley Region who voiced their frustration in recruiting and retaining top management staff. Since that time, we have expanded to assist owner/operators and national restaurant chains all across the U.S.A. with solving their #1 problem – recruiting and retaining top management staff.

How We Can Help You

We know the fast food restaurant industry and have been specifically recruiting managers and supervisors for this industry for the past 9 years. Combining our marketing skills, including extensive use of the Internet, along with proven interviewing techniques and employment history analysis, we are able to attract and recommend the best possible management candidates. Let us use our expertise and national exposure to help you solve your management staffing problems and, as a result, save you time and money, and ultimately, make your business more profitable.

Most Recent Success

Our most recent placements, in the second half of 2013, have been two McDonald's Area Supervisors in Atlanta, one McDonald's Store Manager in Atlanta, and one McDonald's Area Supervisor in Tennessee. All four hires involved relocations; we sourced these excellent candidates from other areas of the country, and we brought them to owner/operators who are adding stores.

New Tools for Owner/Operators

We are currently in the process of developing a behavior oriented test that identifies the behavioral traits of the test taker and compares them to the behavioral traits of known top performers in your industry. A one to five star rating is then generated. It is expected that this test will be used by owner/operators and corporate owners to help them determine the potential of current management staff as well as new candidates. Stay tuned.
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